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Don't Throw 'Em Out!! lorapetalum

Here is a little gem that recently happened to me that perhaps a few of you can appreciate...

Last year I bought some end-of-season-sale peony root stock that is sold in those plastic bags next to bulbs and such. Well, I promptly brought them home and forgot all about them until the following may when I was rummaging big about the garage looking for who know what.

Upon examination, the poor little clumps looked pathetic and I held no hope for their future but I felt guilty throwing them away. Rather than to to all the trouble of tilling a bed, preparing the soil etc.. I decided to pot them up in 1 gallon containers and see what if anything would happen.

Nothing, nada, zilch, zippo!

I kinda thought that maybe one little peony would stick its neck out sometime during the year before retreating for the season - but Nope!

You guessed it! Almost a full year later, they are now up and at 'em along with some bleeding hearts I completely forgot that I potted at the same time!!

The moral to this when in doubt about the viability of something, pot it up first and see what happens rather than go crazy and waste your time and energy. Assume it is alive and treat accordingly. Yes, water the barren containers, keep your fingers crossed and give it time. In my case almost one year. You may get a surprise!

That's all for now, I guess I have a bed to till!