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A Word About SodFirebush

Most customers I run into at the store who have recently put down sod have failed to perform several tasks important to the success of their investment.

First and foremost you need to treat your soil for insects.  No sense setting the dinner table with fresh sod for them to feast upon!  I personally recommend "Bayer Complete" insect control in granular form.  This formula excels in not only killing surface insects, but works deep into the soil to kill other nasty critters like grubs and mole crickets.

Allow a week to water in and start working before laying the sod. 

Secondly make sure you allow time for two treatments of a non-selective herbicide spraying.  You want to make sure everything is dead before laying sod and 2 treatments one week apart is the only way to go.  Read the instructions on the label carefully.  Some products require 7 days before you can plant, others only a day or two so time accordingly!

The thought here is you don't want to lay good sod over bad weeds (or tough wild Bermuda) cause they'll surface in your new lawn before you know it!  Make sure everything is dead and gone before laying fresh sod or it will come back and haunt you.