Mr. Smarty Plants

What to Expect from this site

MrSmartyPlants.com is the place you can go to find out all about gardening. 

Evidently you are interested in gardening or you wouldn't have stumbled upon my site!  Thank you and welcome!

Hopefully you'll find something interesting or useful here and come back often!! 

I am not a botanist, horticulturist or PhD in anything but dirty hands, sore knees, and lately a stiff back. That's not to say I'm not well read and don't have an education, nor is it to say I haven't learned from respected people in the business either. Most of my plant knowledge is hands-on experience and self-taught. I graduated from that school of hard knocks with a major in wasted money. 

My aim is to provide a source of interesting insightful information in a straight-forward manner without all of the techno mumbo-jumbo.  There are plants I like, and plants I don't. Products I like and products I don't.

I shoot from the hip, call 'em as I see 'em and let the (wood) chips fall where they may.

I will update this site continuously with articles and info I think you will find useful and welcome your questions and suggestions. Oh yeah, because I really do have a "real" job with a "big box store", please allow a week or so for a response.



Use my handy dandy form to ask your horticulture (lawn and garden) questions. Just click on the "ask me" link above and I'll answer your questions as soon as I can.